Botanica Goats Milk Soap

A few of the benefits of Botanica Goat Milk Soap include;
- 40% goat milk in every bar
- Natural oils to nourish your skin
- Ideal for sensitive skin, eczema, dermatitis, dry skin, psoriasis and chemical allergies
- Leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed without feeling stripped
- Goat Milk Soap has recently been proven to effectively treat acne
- Safe to use on the face
- Gentle enough to use on babies
- Australian Made

A few things that you won’t find in Botanica Goat Milk Soap include;
- NO powdered milk
- NO parabens – e.g. methyl, propyl, ethyl, butyl
- NO sulphates – e.g. sodium lauryl sulphate
- NO sodium hydroxymethylglycinate
- NO preservatives or fillers
- NO artificial colours
- NO phosphates
- NO petroleum derivatives – e.g. propylene glycol

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