Buckley & Phillips Aromatics

+ Vegetable Soaps

Buckley & Phillips soaps are 100% vegetable derived, triple-milled and come in a classic curved shape to perfectly fit in the hand. Choose from our range of 19 delightful scents with added herbal extracts to nourish and care for the skin. Our vegetable soaps are Sulphate & Paraben Free. Buckley & Phillips Aromatics, in co-operation with its suppliers, contributes to the production of RSPO-certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

+ Essential Oil Blends

100% pure essential oils blended for your convenience. Ideal for use in oil burners, baths or diluted with carrier oils for massage. Available in 18 blends utilizing carefully selected essential oils to assist in physical and emotional wellbeing.

+ Fragrance Oil

Our premium range of fragrant oils. A huge range of 60 fragrances to choose from including classic favourites and exciting new blends. Ideal for use in oil burners, pot pourri, candles, crafts and home fragrancing.

+ Simply Air Fresheners

125ml concentrated air freshener with nearly 1000 sprays per bottle. Twelve classic scents with simple packaging will complement any decor. Non-aerosol, environmentally friendly with recyclable packaging. Our air fresheners are made with a naturally derived base and scented with the finest quality fragrances and essential oils.

+ Simply Soy Cake Melts

Colourful soy wax cakes infused with concentrated classic fragrances. An easy and innovative way to fragrance your home. Mix and match to create your own personal aroma blends. Aroma lasts over 10 hours. To be used in an oil burner instead of oil & water.

+ Simply Soy Jar Candles

Clean burning and long lasting. Our 'Simply' range of soy candles consists of 12 classic and contemporary fragrances in an elegant black glass. Made with pure soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks these candles will burn for up to 60 hours each.

+ Simply Pillar Candles

Simply pillar candles each have a burn time of 60 hours and use only cosmetic grade fragrance and lead-free cotton wicks.

+ Simply Reed Diffusers Refill

Simply reed diffuser refills are made with the finest quality fragrances and are an extremely effective way to fragrance your home. Simply reed diffuser refills are long lasting with each 200ml bottle containing enough fragrance to last 3-4 months.

+ Pure Essential Oils

Gumleaf Essentials Pure Essential Oils are consistently of the highest quality and are one of Australia's most reputable brands

+ LED Mist Diffuser

Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser: Ideal for essential or fragrance oils.